20. dubna 2008 v 15:07 |  Contact
ja som ho pisala:D takze tak...mno a uz sme aj peticiu spravili len aby dosli..:(
we love you so much that we wish you will come to our dump Slovakia, because we are tired of so much hip-hop concert and we need really ROCK SHOW!! and our parents don't let go us to our concert in Prague:( and I wrote on behalf all your fans in please can you arrive sometimes to Slovakia?? Please write back answer...I wish it will be yes, but I don't know if your managers allow it...and..i whish that you got our email with petition..please ansew if you will have time..and i think that your tour was and will be great.. so bye..

With love
Your fan 4ever!
ChiLie or Alica
hadam rozumiete..nece sa mi prekladat:D

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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